Hive Fashion is a program in which members of the Hive Learning Network in w Chicago and w New York City partner with industry professionals to give high school-age teens the transformative learning experience that comes from bringing personally meaningful ideas to life through creative design and production.

Hive Fashion marks the first theme-based, cross-network approach to program development for Hive Learning Network, and is guided by the principles of wConnected Learning. Hive member organizations in Chicago and NYC will collaborate to design and implement engaging learning experiences that offer youth new skills, digital badges for their achievements, and preparation for future learning and career opportunities.

Key outcomes for Hive Fashion include:

  • A Hive Fashion apparel line designed and created by Hive youth and displayed prominently in New York, Chicago, and beyond.
  • Youth-led events such as runway shows and screenings to celebrate both fashion and documentary creations.
  • A rich database of how-to guides and curricular resources to guide the teaching and learning of skills necessary for success in the fashion world.
  • A digital badging system to recognize growth and achievement.